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On the Turntable

ABOUT Bohemian Amigos Record Shop. 

Erik, Noel, and Nix Anders - owners.

Bohemian Amigos Record Shop is a family owned and operated record shop. 

Erik Anders has been a musician for over 30 years, playing genres from rockabilly, EDM, punk, blues, and funk.


Bohemian Amigos started as Bohemian Amigos Artworks, a co-project business with Erik's music/art and his wife's, Noel, photography.

Over the years with his wife and daughter, they decided they wanted to evolve the business so that they can share their love of music with their community. 

Bohemian Amigos Record Shop is now a tiny hideout in Hampton, VA for all music lovers - musicians and listeners.  The shop sells new and used records, CDs, cassettes, and guitar strings.  

Our Vision

Bohemian Amigos Record Shop is dedicated to offering a welcoming and family friendly space for everyone of all ages to join together in experiencing all the joys of music. 

Record Selection
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