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What is Bohemian Amigos Record Cafe?

Bohemian Amigos Record Cafe is a tiny hideout located in Hampton, VA for all music lovers - musicians and listeners.  The shop sells new and used records, CDs, and cassette tapes.  While shopping, you can stop to enjoy a quick bite to eat in the cafe.  In the evenings, we offer a variety of different musicians and performers to come share their talents with the Hampton Roads community.

Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 11am-6pm  *Event Nights: hours extended to 10pm ALL AGES ALL THE TIME

How do I get there?

Bohemian Amigos Record Cafe is located in the Fox Hill/Willow Oaks Neighborhood of Hampton, VA (Hampton Roads Area).  Situated  in Willow Oaks Village Square diagonally tucked away across from the Willow Oaks Branch Library.  Link this link for a map and directions.

Do you buy vinyl records?

Yes, we do! Stop on by during our normal business hours and speak to us about your collection or give us a call at (757) ***-****.

We accept vinyl records, CDs, cassettes, and music-themed t-shirts or clothing. Pricing is determined by the quantity we have in stock, popularity, and condition. 
Vinyl must have original outer sleeve in good condition (untorn, clean, smoke and mildew free, etc.) un-warped and without scratches or scuffs.
CDs must have cover insert and back cover. Cracked cases are fine, assuming the art-work is in excellent condition. Scratched CDs may reduce the value paid.    ----- We do not buy pirated music or bootlegs.

What is your record return policy?

If you bought used or new vinyl from us, it's still in great shape, our sticker is intact, and your receipt we will always buy it back from you.   

How old do you have to be to attend evening events?

Bohemian Amigos Record Cafe prides itself in providing a family friendly environment. With a daughter of our own , we understand the want to have a place where the whole family can spend time together.  

During normal business hours, come check out our children's play area on the stage.  During evening events, those all ages are welcome to come enjoy the music and entertainment! Anyone who wishes to purchase alcohol will be carded, we will card everyone- no exceptions.  

Where do I buy tickets to events?

Visit our events page at the link below.  Each event will have a link purchase tickets.  Some of our events are free so be sure to look out for those!







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